Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Homework for Wednesday, May 31

1) Read for 30 minutes*
2) Make edits to your citizenship essay based on your peers' feedback

* On Friday (USA Day), we will have a 50 state challenge. This challenge is NOT for a grade, and students are not required or expected to study for it. (They can study, but this is not supposed to be a stressful activity.)

* The Indian Trail Book Fair is here!

Book Fair at Indian Trail School Library
Tuesday, May 30 - Monday, June 5
(Mon 6/5 8:45am-12:45pm)

Students are allowed to shop with their class during their regularly scheduled library class or during their recess time. If students wish to bring money to school, please put it in an envelope labeled with their name, or in a wallet that stays in their backpack.

Parents: You are welcome to attend book fair after school with your children. Please make a plan to meet your child on the blacktop after school, and then enter the building through the front door together.

Thursday Evening Hours and Camp Craft
June 1, 2017

Come with your family to shop, make some camp themed crafts, enter the drawing to win a free book. We will be ringing the camp bell every fifteen minutes and giving away free books. Take a look at the giveaways displayed in the IT library.

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