Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Homework for Thursday, May 25th

1) Read for 30 minutes (Since the Indian Trail Library is shutting down for the year, some students may not have reading books for home. Thus, it's a great time to make a plan for summer reading! Or even better, enter the HP Library Summer Reading Challenge!) 

2) The first draft of the Rory Deutsch Citizenship essay will be due next Tuesday, May 30th. We will work on it tomorrow in class, but for any student that would like to get a head start, the essay will consist of three parts: 
  1. What does being a good citizen mean? (What character traits do good citizens have?)
  2. How do good citizens act? (What actions demonstrate that someone is a good citizen?)
  3. How have you demonstrated that you are a good citizen? (Examples of things you have done.)
3) Last Call for Box Tops! The final collection of box tops will be on Friday, June 2nd. Each box top is worth 10 cents for Indian Trail. The money is used for the school to buy resources and materials, so if you have any at home, bring them in! 

4) A message from the recess supervisors: Fidgets are reserved only for academic use, yet they are causing many issues at recess, from lost fidgets, broken fidgets, and even "my fidget is better than your fidget" fights. Thus, fidgets are now BANNED at recess and will be confiscated. They are not allowed outside, just as we do not allow pokemon cards, coins, or other toys from home.

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