Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Homework for Thursday September 29th

***  Wednesdays are very hectic due to students coming and going for orchestra and other pull outs. Students are given a list of assignments to complete throughout the day, and ample time to work on these assignments, especially if they do not participate in orchestra. So while the list of homework may look long, many students have completed all of the work. If your student has a lot of work to complete, please limit them to a half hour (or an hour max including reading) and we will get caught up tomorrow. 

1) Finish Monday and Tuesday Spelling Work
2) Type up your Current Event Report (on Google Classroom)
3) Complete the first 6 pages of the Northeast Region Packet
4) Read for 30 minutes

*** Finally, we have some sick students, so I have been reminding students to wash their hands often and urging students to let me know if they are not feeling well in class so we can get healthy again!

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