Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What a great first day!

It was a fantastic first day at Indian Trail in 4B!!

I am so excited for this year, and we are already off to a great start! While more information will be forthcoming, I wanted to let you know about some first week information.
  • ●  I post all class communication, homework assignments, and important school dates will be posted on my blog, (Please be patient as I transition the blog from 15-16’s class to 16-17)
  • ●  A BLUE HOME FOLDER will be use to deliver documents and notes to and from school daily. This will be used for homework, flyers from school and communication from home. This take-home folder should be emptied on a regular basis. Please help your child get in the routine of unpacking and re-packing this folder every night.
  • ●  If you ordered supplies and they were not delivered to the classroom, please send a note letting me know. Every year a few bags get placed in the wrong room, and I’m sure it will be resolved quickly. I have a plethora of supplies, so all students will have everything they need while we get up and running in the class.
  • ●  Your student will need a smock for art within a few weeks. Please send it to school at your conveniences and label the smock to avoid confusion.
  • ●  Gym shoes need to be worn everyday for P.E. class, in order to participate. If you would like to send a pair of gym shoes to be kept at school, please make sure that your child’s first and last name is labeled on each shoe.
  • ●  Your student will need a pair of headphones/earbuds. I really would prefer NO BEATS (or other expensive) headphones as I can not ensure the security of the room at all times.
  • ●  Please send ONLY healthy snacks (fruit, fresh veggies, yogurt), in order to adhere to our district’s food policy. Please visit the district website for more information. You will find the policy in the posted parent handbook.
  • ●  In the warm months, it is essential to stay hydrated! Please send a water bottle (no juice or sport drinks) with your student. Sport-tops are best and help to avoid spills!
  • ●  Recess/Lunch is every day from 11:50-12:40. Students need to be prepared to dress for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. Also, please inform your child if he/she will be receiving hot lunch at school. 

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