Monday, August 29, 2016

Homework for Tuesday August 30th

1) Read for 30 minutes. We will be discussing summaries of what we read tomorrow.
2) Our first spelling quiz will be on Friday. The word list is the names of our classmates. Student will be given a paper list tomorrow and time to practice during the week, and can practice on at any time.

Two Notes for Parents:
1) This year, students will not be given loaners when their Chromebook is broken or being repaired. Thus, it is important to pay any fee or deductible as soon as possible as the Chromebook will not be returned until the payment is received. I will discuss this further at Open House on Thursday September 8th.

2) If there is urgent information that you need to pass along during the school day, especially regarding a change in pick up time, please call the office as I am not able to check my email during many parts of the day.

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