Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thursday's Field Trip

Thursday's Field Trip to the Underwriters Laboratory is almost here! We will be leaving Indian Trail at approximately 9:45am and returning around 1:15pm. For those who are not familiar with Underwriters Laboratory, I have attached a link here. A couple of notes -

  • Students will be eating their lunch at the field trip location. Please pack your student's lunch in a disposable bag. If your student receives a brown bag lunch at school, it will be brought on the field trip. If your student receives hot lunch, it will be waiting for them when we return to school, but we do a good amount of walking, so I suggest packing a lunch or large snack for them. 
  • While I know some parents may want their student to bring a phone in case of an emergency, I highly discourage it. The Underwriters Laboratory is very rigid on limiting the number of students visiting each day (I've never seen another group there during our trips), so even if a student was to wander off or get separated from the group, they would be found quickly. (The location is an operating facility, so it's basically a corporate office with cool labs throughout the building)
Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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