Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Agenda for Wednesday, March 9th

8:50 IXL - Grammar
Complete the JOBS SURVEY and look over the schedule.
Once you have finished, go to IXL.COM to the language arts section. Each student has a checklist of skills to practice and complete, and should work quietly on those skills, and should quietly ask students next to them for help if needed. If they are stuck, they should ask you or move on to another topic.

9:20 Silent Reading
Students can read independently or with a partner around the room, but must be respectful and relatively quiet.

9:50 Spelling
Work on Wednesday portion of your spelling packet. Once you have finished, you may choose an APPROVED INDEPENDENT ACTIVITY (on the board) quietly.

10:20 Conference Slides/Snack
Eat snack and begin creating your presentations for their upcoming conferences using the “Spring Conference Checklist”.  You are allowed to create their presentation in a variety of ways. You should use this time to explore ideas on how and what method to use to present. However, on Google Classroom, I have created an assignment for you which has the Checklist and a Slides Template if you would like to use it.

10:50 Conference Slides (cont’)

11:20 Read in Library

11:50 Lunch

12:45 Math
Review and turn in Homework
Complete Aleks Assignment
Work on Multiples Packet

1:45 Class Dojo Project

2:15 Gym
2:45 Study Hall, start Homework
1) Read and Log 
2) All students who have not filmed their Tourist Location video will present on Thursday.  
3) Complete Math homework
4) Decide on Conference Presentation Format (Google Slides, Prezi, Video or other option)

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