Friday, March 4, 2016

Agenda for Friday, March 4th

Students, I am out sick today. (Make sure to wash your hands often!) Below is the agenda for today:
8:50-9:20 --- IXL - GRAMMAR
Students leaving the room
  • Come in, get unpacked and settled in.
  • After the pledge, and go to IXL.COM to the language arts section. Work quietly on the skills you haven't completed, and quietly ask students next to you if you need help. If you are stuck, move on to another topic.
  • Jon B to Mrs. Lagone
  • Jose Miguel to Ms. Sokol
9:20-9:50 --- SILENT READING
Students leaving the room
  • Students can read independently or with a partner around the room QUIETLY.
  • Cuny, Cooper, and Jordan N.  to Mrs. Belkind
  • Jon B to Mr. Brauer
  • Jose Miguel to Mrs. Castillo-Oh
9:50-10:20 --- SPELLING & SNACK
  • Eat snack while sharing your word posters with the class, then turning them in.  Once everyone has shared, log into SPELLINGCITY.COM and take your spelling test. Once you have finished, you may choose an APPROVED INDEPENDENT ACTIVITY (on the board) quietly while finishing your snack.
10:20-10:50 --- BUDDIES
  • Make sure to be nice to your little buddy! Remember, when they are happy, I am happy.
10:50-11:20 --- MUSIC
  • Please walk quietly in the hallway as always.
11:20-11:50 --- SOCIAL STUDIES
  • Share your Tourist Location scripts and give feedback to other students.
11:50-12:45 --- LUNCH
12:45-1:15 --- MATH
Students leaving the room
  • Come in, get water, go to the bathroom, and settle in. Log into ALEKS.COM and complete the assignment.
  • Once you complete your work, you should practice quietly on ALEKS.COM, IXL.COM, or MULTIPLICATION.COM until all students are finished.
  • Cooper to Mr. Phillips
  • Parker, Aidan, Jordan N., Danny  to Mrs. Belkind
  • Jose Miguel to Mrs. Castillo-Oh
1:15-1:45 --- MATH
Students leaving the room
  • You can continue to work on one of the math sites above, play a box car game (math games played with dice, dominoes, or cards), or work on creating your own Math game.
  • Jon to Mr. Brauer
1:45-2:15 --- SOCIAL STUDIES
Students leaving the room
  • Jose Miguel to Mrs. Martinez-Velezquez
2:15-2:45 --- GYM  
  • Please walk calmly in the hallway.
2:45-3:15 --- FRIDAY FUN
  • Students are free to play on computers, listen to music (with headphones!) and draw with friends or play games AS LONG AS IT IS SCHOOL APPROPRIATE.
  • Clean and pack up at 3:10.
    1. Read and Log (I will be checking logs on Monday)
    2. Practice/Prepare to film your Tourist Location Videos 3. Study for Southeast Region Location Quiz (naming the states on a blank map of the Southeast Region) which will be on Tuesday

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