Monday, November 30, 2015

Homework for Tuesday December 1st

1) Read and Log
2) Practice math on ALEKS or IXL for 15-20 minutes. Take screenshots of problems you need help with.
3) Complete and turn in your goals for 4th Grade
4) If you would like to share what you did over Thanksgiving break, please write a short summary on your blog. Feel free to add pictures or anything else (that is school appropriate) that will help share your experience!

Morning Announcements Schedule

Day of Giving at Elm Place

Monday, November 23, 2015

See you at Conferences!

Just a reminder that students attend their conference. Please email me if there is an issue or delay.

And here are some more award winners that I forgot to post! Congrats guys!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Homework for Friday November 19th

  • Read and Log (I will check tomorrow)
  • Complete Spelling Work (and Word Poster)
  • Study for Spelling Quiz
  • Prepare for Book Review #2 - We are shooting tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Homework for Wednesday November 18th

1) Read and Log
2) Practice Book Review (We are shooting on Friday)
3) Work on Conference Presentation


Monday, November 16, 2015

Homework for Tuesday November 17

1) Read and Log
2) Practice your Book Review
3) Finish any spelling you did not complete
4) Practive on Aleks for 15 minutes

Friday, November 13, 2015

Homework for Monday November 16th

1) Read and Log
2) Complete Measurement-based Word Poster
3) Complete Book Review Graphic Organizer
4) If you want to teach the class a math box car game, make sure you have typed directions and have created the game board (if necessary).

Parents, here is a great video we watched in class today about math and learning.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Homework for Friday November 13th

1) Read and Log (I will be checking logs tomorrow)
2) Complete all Spelling work for the week, including Word Mini-poster, and study for the quiz

Parents, I have received a few emails about birthday celebrations. If your student's birthday is coming up and you would like to come in and read to the students, just let me know! Non-food birthday giveaways, such as pencils and erasers are allowed as well.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Homework for Thursday November 12th

1) Read and Log (Twice!)
2) Complete Tuesday's AND Wednesday's Spelling Work
3) On Thursday we will be reviewing learned math concepts to prepare for conferences. Please practice place value, rounding, multi digit addition and subtraction on IXL or ALEKS if you feel rusty.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Homework for Tuesday November 10th

1) Read and log
2) Complete Aleks Homework
3) Complete Monday Spelling
4) Complete Creative Slides to present tomorrow. There will be no work time in class.

1) Conference confirmation notes were sent home today. I was able to give most parents one of their three choices but it was very difficult. Please let me know if your time does not work for you and your child.
2) Your student DOES attend the conference.
3) Tomorrow is Picture Re-Take Day.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Homework for Monday November 9th

1) Read and Log
2) Complete your independent Creative Slides project. Make it snazzy!

Parents, we worked on elapsed time in class today and had some big issues. I decided not to make the time assignment homework as not to cause any tears this weekend, but it is something we definitely need to work on.

Please turn in conference preferences asap!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Homework for Friday November 6th

1) Read and log (I will be checking logs tomorrow)
2) Study for Prefixes/Suffixes quiz
3) Complete Word Mini Poster (pick any word with prefix or suffix we are studying)

Parents, please submit conference time preferences as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Book Fair Sunday!

Agenda for Wednesday

8:50-9:20 SPELLING
(Melissa, Ariana, Ricky, Jose E go to Ms. Sokol)
  • Hand in conference forms.
  • Work on prefixes and suffixes on IXL, section TT.  You may help each other if you are confused.
  • If you finish early, read silently.

(Cooper, Cuny, Jordan N.  go to Mrs. Belkind, Jon goes to Mr. Brauer, Lauren W. and Jordan C. go to Mrs. Lesser)
  • Read the Arrival and taking notes. For any students who are finished, you can read silently.

  • Eat snack, do your class jobs, and practice typing on one of the typing websites we use.

10:20-10:50 READ ALOUD
  • Read “How Bad Can it Be” on page 17 of the StoryWorks magazine.

  • Students have three assignments on Spelling City to complete. 2 are based on definitions, and 1 is paragraph writing. Save your progress on your work often as the site can be glitchy!

11:20-11:50 STUDY HALL
  • Finish assignments from the morning, then read silently.

11:50-12:45 LUNCH

12:45-1:30 MATH
(Cooper to Mr. Phillips, Jordan N., Danny S., and Parker F. to Mrs. Belkind)
  • You have an assignment on ALEKS
  • When finished, you can work in their groups or independently on one of the activities in DynaMath. Do not write in the magazine, but on a piece of scratch paper.

1:30-1:45 FIRE DRILL

(Ricky to Ms. Silver, Jon to STEP)

2:15-2:45 PE  
  • Please walk the students to PE and pick them up at 2:45

  • If any activities or assignments need to be completed, you can do so now.
  • If not, students may use a coding website or 

  • Read and Log 
  • Finish any work not done in class.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Homework for Wednesday November 4th

1) Complete Letter to Ben either through Google Classroom or by hand. 
2) Read and Log

Parents, this week's spelling is studying the prefixes pre-, mis-, re- and the suffixes -ment, -less, -ness, -ful, -ly, -able. Students are responsible for knowing how this prefixes and suffixes change the meaning of their root words. They can practice on, and they will be making a list of words with these prefixes and suffixes that they come across in their reading. 

Also, please turn in conference forms as soon as possible.  

FROM THE DISTRICT WEBSITE: Please note that District 112 has provided staff with this time to meet with parents to review student progress, answer questions, and set goals for the next grading period.  During this time, arrangements are made for our specialists and resource teachers to be available, as well, during the conference hours.  If you are unable to attend your scheduled conference due to other family commitments, your child’s progress report will be mailed home and you will have an opportunity to contact the teacher for a phone conference.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Homework for Tuesday November 3rd

1) Complete Aleks Homework
2) Read and Log
3) Conference letters and Class Pictures are coming home today. If your student ordered pictures but did not receive them today, I believe a few ended up in the wrong classes and I will look for them.
4) Students did not receive spelling lists today due to some printing issues.