Monday, October 26, 2015

Homework for Tuesday October 27th

1) Read and Log
2) Complete 20 minutes of math work on either XtraMath or Aleks. If there is a subject you are stuck on for Aleks My Path, please make a note of the problem or screenshot
3) Complete your final edits on your opinion paper. They will all be submitted tomorrow.
4) Begin thinking about your Tourist Location Commercial. Try to memorize as much as possible and bring any props you think are necessary.

1) There is a field trip form coming home regarding our trip to HPHS Thursday for a high school performance. Please sign the form as soon as possible.
2) There was a case of head lice in our room. Be alert and stay clean!
3) Please disregard due dates on Google Classroom. Currently, Google Classroom is simply used to keep electronic class documents organized, and the due dates are not accurate.


  1. I do not know what my name is on spelling

  2. It is on your spelling sheet in your home folder. And I believe it is List WW17.


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