Friday, June 5, 2015

Homework for Monday June 8th

1) Please finish your book report in a Google Doc. (You will share with me on Monday) Make sure that your document has your name on it and a title. Here are some things to double check. 

  • Academic fonts
  • Underline the book title and capitalize names!! (as well as grammar and other punctuation)
  • Incorporate answers into interesting sentences
  • Transitions between ideas, parts of the report, and good beginning/ending
  • NO Ellipses, Parentheses, all CAPS WORDS
  • Sentences structure (run-ons, fragments, sentences starting with AND, BECAUSE, ALSO)
  • Work on word choice (Especially main character, don’t keep saying their name)
  • Indent your paragraphs
2) Plan your 10 minute lesson! You can teach the class a skill or share a story or talent. It's up to you!

Have a great weekend! 

PARENTS - Students will be bringing home items over the last few days. Please send your student to school with a shopping bag (or the bag I provided) so that they are able to easily bring items home. I hate to see school supplies go to waste!

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