Thursday, May 28, 2015

Homework for Friday May 29th

1) Complete Southwest Packet to use as a study guide for the Southwest quiz on Friday (Capitals are mandatory!) 
2) Prepare to shoot Tall Tale plays
3) Write first draft of the Summary section of the Book Report. This section should be a summary your book, explaining events, ideas, and concepts, including what happened and why, based on specific information and details from the text. This section should be at least two paragraphs and a half page to a page in length. I would structure it the following way (as I modeled in class): 

1. Setting (Describe in detail using evidence)2. Main Character (Describe in detail using evidence)3. Background/Plot (What is happening in the story BEFORE the book begins? What sets the story in motion?) 4. The story "begins"(This is the event where the main storyline of the novel is set in motion. In The Boy Who Saved Baseball, it would be when a stranger named Cruz appears and saves the hopeless team. This is also where we see characters begin to really grow and change. Use evidence from the text to describe this event and its importance. Also use evidence to demonstrate how characters' identities change, and any examples of new independence or interdependence.)5. The Climax (This is the big moment of the book, where the plot is resolved. In The Boy Who Saved Baseball, it was the big game. Describe what happens in detail and why it was so important to the plot and the characters involved.)6. The Resolution (This is how the story "ends" and how we leave our characters. In The Boy Who Saved Baseball, Tom finds that Doc changed his will and left it to Tom, town is saved!!!!. In addition to detailing how the story ends, make sure to describe how the main character has changed because of his/her experience in the book.)

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