Thursday, May 14, 2015

Homework for Friday May 15th

1) Complete Tall Tale Writing Assignment
  • Summarize the tall tale you read in 3 - 5 sentences
  • What parts of the tale were real? (Or could be real)
  • What parts of the tale were NOT real? (Parts you think are exaggerations)
  • What purpose did the "tall" or fictional parts of the story have? (What message was the tale trying to tell?)
2) Work on your ALEKS pie. Find a question you having trouble with, take a screenshot, rename the screenshot "(First Name)'s Math Question" and email it to me with the same subject title as the screenshot. 

3) Read and Log. I will be checking logs for the last time tomorrow. Due to PARCC and MAPS testing, I am requiring 6 logs since May 1st, though I am expecting students should have more.

4) Complete all spelling work for the week and study for quiz.

*** Tomorrow is an Early Release (1:00pm)!!! ***

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