Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Homework for Wednesday April 22nd

1) Complete Aleks Homework (you will have option to correct your wrong answers at the end, this is optional but encouraged)
2) Find data to analyze for our research project. Make sure it is data that is measureable, accurate, can be verified online at a reliable website, and has at least 10 data points/entries.
Good examples include: The high temperature in Highland Park for each of the last 10 days, number of runs scored by the Cubs in their past 10 games, price of a share of Apple stock at market close over the past 10 days, age of the president at his first inauguration for the past 10 presidents, etc.  
3) Make edits to your Tourist Opinion Video based on our work today in class. MAKE SURE to correct all capitalization, question marks (or lack thereof), and sentence fragments.
4) Read and log

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