Monday, March 23, 2015

Report Cards being sent home today

Dear 4B families, 

This trimester, NSSD112 is sending home report cards prior to conferences, so that parents may review their student's progress before meeting with their student's teacher. This is one of many new changes to the report card system, so I wanted to address some questions you may have as you look over the report card. I will also have copies of the report card at your conference.

1) The report card's standards are skills that should be met by the END of the year.
To "meet" a standard, a student should be able to consistently demonstrate the skill independently.

2) EXCEED (E) is not possible in many standards.
For instance, if a standard states that a student "should be able to round a number to any place value", it is not possible for a student to exceed that standard.

3) PROGRESS (P) is ok!
This means that a student is on pace to meet the standard by the end of the year. If a student received a "P" in the 1st trimester and a "P" in the 2nd trimester, it does NOT mean the student hasn't grown during the 2nd trimester, it means that the student has continued to progress on a path that will lead toward meeting the goal by the end of the year. In many cases, the student is close to meeting the goal, but is still learning to demonstrate the skill independently, or has not shown complete proficiency in a variety of assessments.

4) If there are serious issues pertaining to your student's growth, I would have already contacted you about the matter. Nothing in the report card is meant to be a surprise.

If you have any questions you would like addressed before the conference, or any specific issues you would like to discuss at the conference, please feel free to email me ( so that I can address your questions and have all relevant data and work samples ready at the conference.

Thank you for your continued support,
Mr. Brandstrader

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