Friday, March 6, 2015

Important Information!!!

1) Conference confirmations were sent home today. A large majority of requests were made for Wednesday and Thursday night. I did my best to make sure all families receive one of their requested times. If there is an issue, please email me ( and we can work out a solution. And two other notes: student attendance at the conference is essential, and Report Cards are being sent home prior to conferences (this is a new change).

2) Next week is PARCC testing. Students should bring their chargers to school on Monday and expect to leave their chromebooks at school all week to ensure they are updated, charged and ready to go when we are testing. If this is a problem, please let me know. However, if there is an issue where a student is unable to test at their assigned time, this could be very problematic and we are trying to avoid all complications as this is a new test with many variables to deal with already.

3) There will be no ASSIGNED homework this weekend and next week, including reading logs. However, I strongly encourage students to keep reading nightly and practicing math if they are able.

4) Lastly, one of our students, Aron, is heading down to Springfield to compete in the State Chess Tournament this weekend. Wish him luck! Break a leg Aron!

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