Friday, March 20, 2015

Example for the Trail Project

Blaze your own Trail
Whether you are walking, running, biking, hiking, or riding horseback, it is helpful to use a marked trail. Trails often lead to interesting places. Design a trail for a community that you are familiar with. It could be your neighborhood in Highland Park, somewhere in Chicago, or a fictional town.
  1. Decide where to put your trail. 
  2. Your trail must have at least 5 stops, and the distance to each stop.
  3. Decide how long your trail should be and how much time it should take to ride it
  4. Think about how to show distance on your map.
  5. Draw your bicycle trail on a sheet of plain, white paper or graph paper.
  6. Label your map.  Include the total distance and the distance for each part of the trail.Mark points that are ¼, ½, and ¾ of the total distance along your trail.
  7. Include places of interest along your trail.

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