Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mr. B Sick Today - Morning Agenda

Unfortunately I am not feeling well and I have to stay home today. Have no fear, I will be back tomorrow.  Here is today's schedule:

Elli and Jovy are doing announcements. Please turn your Conference Forms if you have them.
  1. There is an Progress Check assignment for you on ALEKS. 
  2. Once you are finished, there are copies of DYNAMATH Math Magazine with the teacher. Please select one and complete the math problems for one of the articles of your choice. Make sure the article has AT LEAST three questions. You may work with a partner. Write your answers on a piece of paper with: 
    • Your names
    • The issue of DYNAMATH (what month)
    • The article title
    • Your answers
  3. With the remaining time, if there is any, you may continue with DYNAMATH or play FRACTION LINEUP or FAST AND FURIOUS FRACTIONS
  1. After cleaning up and doing your jobs, you may begin having snacks.
  2. Mrs. Goldhar will pass out the printed quotes for you to decorate. 
    • Cece and Jacques - Please check your quote documents. I left comments about changes you need to make before printing.
    • Rosella, Rachael, and Breanne - You did not share your documents with me. Please do so. 
  3. If you finish decorating, you can begin one part of tonight's homework - creating your own inspirational quote poster! (Jordan and Madina, your homework is to find an inspirational quote that someone else came up with.)
We have a special music class today to practice for your performance. 

  1. Once you return from music, please work on your Thursday Spelling Work. Word Posters are due tomorrow, and there will be extra credit for Valentine's themed word posters. 
  2. When you are done with spelling, you may work on or until recess.
Rachael - See Mrs. Lee in the Art room before recess

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