Thursday, February 5, 2015

Homework for Friday February 6th

1) Complete Aleks Homework (please see note below)
2) Read and log (5 logs due tomorrow)
3) Complete Spelling Packet and Word Poster, and prepare for Friday's Quiz

*** Note on Aleks - when assigning homework on Aleks, I always add a few questions to challenge students to make sure I am not setting the bar too low. While it is usually material we have covered, they may have trouble. If a student ever gets frustrated with their homework or is taking a long time to complete, please have the student email me with a note about the issue and move on. Even better, please have your student take a screenshot of the question. I will work on the issue with the student in class the following day. If you feel comfortable helping your student learn the material, please feel free to help them out. However, please do not do the work for them. Thank you for your support at home.

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