Thursday, February 12, 2015

Afternoon Agenda

  1. Silent Reading until 1:15
  2. Group Reading - We will be starting book groups to read different books regarding Civil Rights and Black History Month. The teacher has the groups and I expect you to read well together and get to work quickly. You do not need to fill out a form when you are done, but I will be checking your progress tomorrow. 

Valentine's Day Prep
  1. At 1:45 you can continue working on your quotes if you haven't finished. 
  2. If you have, you can start working on your Valentines Day video card to your parents (we will film on Friday morning), including finding a background, or you may make a Valentine's Day Powtoon. Either option you choose, you must include a form of figurative language!
  3. If any student would like to make valentines for Friday, there is red, white, and pink construction paper by the window on top of the cardboard mail slots. However, this is all we have, so DO NOT WASTE IT!

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