Friday, January 30, 2015

Another Great Author Visit!

Thanks to Adam Gidwitz, author of A Tale Dark and Grimm and other books, who came to visit and gave a very funny and inspiring talk today. And he gave an amazing piece of advice - all it takes to be a writer is to WRITE!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Homework for Friday January 30th

*** Finish Spelling work for the week, including your Word Poster, and study for your spelling test.
*** Read and Log (iRead forms due Monday)

*** Work on your Great Depression Project (due Monday)

  • Polish/edit your biography page (Make sure you have everything on the checklist!) 
  • Polish/edit your Letter to Eleanor (Eleanor Roosevelt received thousands of letters asking for money, clothes, food, and other items. Why would she respond to yours? Use your persuasive skills!)
  • Continue working on your final project or artifact (Make sure your project showcases your knowledge of the Great Depression!)
  • Begin thinking about how you will present your project to the class

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Homework for Thursday January 29th

*** Read and Log
*** Work on Great Depression Project (final projects due Monday)
*** For those students NOT participating in the Orchestra concert tonight, please work on your ALEKS pie. If you are confused about a problem, please send me a screenshot so we can work on it tomorrow.
*** For those students participating in the Orchestra concert, good luck!

ALEKS Math Issue: Earlier this week, some students were confused about a section on multiplication that looks different on the site than how I taught the students in class.

What this question is asking is to break down this multiplication problem by separating the larger number by place value, or to recognize that 2 x 56 is the same as 2 x 50 plus 2 x 6. This strategy is not meant to replace traditional multiplication, but provide alternative strategy to solve multiplication problems. As I stated above, if a student ever gets frustrated with their homework or is taking a long time to complete, please have the student email me with a note about the issue and move on. I will work on the issue with the student in class the following day. Thank you for your support at home. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Homework for Wednesday January 28th

*** Read and log -- iRead forms due on Friday! (See below)
*** Practice math facts on XtraMath
*** Complete Tuesday Spelling if it was not completed in class
*** Research and contemplate your final project idea for the Great Depression unit. Tomorrow all project ideas must be finalized, as they will be due on Monday.

Message from the PTO:
We would like to see Indian Trail reclaim the 112 Education Foundation iRead trophy with our school reading the most hours.  To encourage students in this last week of the iRead competition, our PTO is starting a new tradition awarding the Indian Trail class that logs the most hours of reading with our own Indian Trail iRead trophy plus  a Menchie's frozen yogurt party.   Please spread the word to your students!  And remind them to bring in their iRead forms next week along with any sponsorship money.  

Great Depression Project - Develop your Character

Today's assignment is to dig deeper into your character...

1) What do you like to do for entertainment? What made you happyWho is your favorite performer/author? Where would you see them play/perform? 

Here are some ideas...

Movies in the 30s - List of Best Movies
Books in the 30s - Best Books List (Scroll Down)
Radio Shows in the 30s - Golden Age of Radio

2) What did you look like? What did you wear? What did your home look like? What about your town? Please take screenshots of images from the 1930s that represent you, your clothing, your home, and your town.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Homework for Tuesday January 27th

*** Complete Aleks Homework
*** Complete Southeast Region Informational Essay
*** Complete "Letter to Eleanor" from your character
*** Read and Log

Think about your final project for the Great Depression Unit

Friday, January 23, 2015

Homework for Monday January 26th

*** Read and log
*** On your blog, answer the following question in complete sentences and be prepared to discuss in class on Monday.
If your family was starving and you were able to steal food from a grocery store without getting caught, what would be the right thing to do? Why? 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Homework for Friday January 23rd

*** Read and Log (checking logs tomorrow)
*** STEMS quiz and presentation due (23 stems)
*** Spelling quiz
*** Complete Aleks homework

Update on Xtra Math

After reviewing the data on XtraMath, I have altered the deadlines for completing different subjects.

Students should have:
TWO subjects mastered by Monday, January 26st.
THREE subjects mastered by Monday, February 2nd.
All FOUR subjects mastered by Monday, February 9th. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Homework for Thursday January 21st

*** Read and Log
*** Complete Tuesday's Spelling Work (we are a day behind)
*** Work on Stems Booklet (23 stems due Friday, when we will have our quiz, complete list below)
*** Practice basic math facts on XtraMath.

bi-, sub-, de-, pre-, super-,
un-, inter-, semi-, dis-, sym-,
circum-, mal-, post-, equi-, ante-,
re-, mis-, -ful, -less, -ly, -ness, -able, -ment

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Homework for Wednesday January 21st and Thursday January 22nd

Due to 19% of our class having birthdays this week and Family Skate Night on Wednesday night, there will be no formal homework aside from independent reading and logging for the next two nights. 

However, we have begun our Great Depression Project, which will culminate next Thursday and Friday (29th and 30th). Students have been assigned roles and will create their projects' from their character's perspective by doing thorough research over the next two weeks. 

Also, Friday we will be having a quiz on STEMS (prefixes and suffixes) as well as our normal spelling quiz. 

How to create a Bookmarks Folder (And how to use Screencastify)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Homework for Tuesday January 20th

*** Complete Aleks Homework
*** Read and Log
*** Watch MLK Jr. BrainPop video and complete the Classic Quiz after the video. Once you have finished the quiz, email it to me.
*** Explore the it4explore website and leave a comment on our first IT4Explore blog post with the following information:
THREE interesting facts about the Great Depression.TWO roles/characters you are most interested in. ONE question you still have about the project or Great Depression. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Homework for Friday January 16th

*** Complete Aleks Homework
*** Complete Bud Not Buddy Perspective Writing Project 
*** Read and Log 
*** Explore the resources  Be prepared to share a link you found interesting.

Website for Great Depression Project

Bookmark this page! You will be visiting it very, very often.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Homework for Thursday January 15th

*** Complete Aleks Homework
*** Finish your first draft of your Bud Not Buddy Perspective Writing Project (due Friday)
*** Read and Log 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Homework for Wednesday January 14th

*** Complete Aleks Homework
*** Read and Log (if you would like to use a doc to record your reading, click here, make a copy, and remember to share it with me)
*** Continue to work on your Bud Not Buddy Perspective Writing Project (due Friday)

NOTE: I apologize for my error, but the next region we will cover is the SOUTHEAST, not the West. (Don't worry, we'll get there eventually)

The Oregon Trail

Recently, the Internet Archive released many "old" DOS games, including my all-time favorite, The Oregon Trail. I thought it would be fun to share a piece of my 4th grade experience with my 4th grade class. (Plus, this will be a great interactive resource for when we learn about the West Region and the Gold Rush!)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Homework for Tuesday January 10th

*** Complete Aleks Homework -- This homework has many problems on fractions, so it may be tough, but you guys did great today so I need to challenge you!
*** Complete West Region States and Capitals Worksheet
*** Begin Bud Not Buddy Perspective Writing Assignment (DUE FRIDAY)
*** Read and Log

Remember, tomorrow is an early release day (1:00pm)

Friday, January 9, 2015

iRead starts Saturday!

iRead officially starts on Saturday, January 10th at the the Highland Park Public Library. Nationally published authors will be presenting and selling their books all day Saturday. Come and earn a "free" thirty minutes of time on your iRead log then start your tracking! Gain pages by reading your books, gain sponsors to raise money for the 112 Education Foundation. All Indian Trail students must read and record their pages even if they do not gain sponsors for the fundraising portion. All money raised from iRead goes directly into author visits for every 112 school.

The dates are January 10th-January 30th. So read, read, read!

Homework for Monday January 12th

- Friday Part 1 (10 questions on multiplication and division)
- Friday Part 2 (15 questions on time and money)

- Complete RR (Prefixes and Suffixes)

- PSI Assessment
- ESI Assessment
- USI Assessment

4) WRITING: Summarize the book Bud Not Buddy in exactly 10 sentences on your blog.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

No School Tomorrow

Hello students,

I just received word that there will be no school tomorrow.

I have extended the ALEKS homework due today to be due Friday. We will not have the Bud Not Buddy spelling quiz on Friday.

However,  you are still expected to be reading and logging as usual, and I highly encourage you to practice your multiplication and division skills on ALEKS and XTRAMATH, and I would encourage you to work on IXL LA as well (Finish Prefixes and Suffixes [RR], and begin work on Punctuating Dialogue [KK], Synonyms [LL], and Antonyms [MM]). This is not assigned homework, but we will be working on these in the upcoming week, so it would be great to get a head start!

Stay warm.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Homework for Wednesday January 7th

*** Complete Aleks Homework
*** Read and Log
*** Write 3 Rules for Life.
Throughout  Bud Not Buddy, Bud lists his “Rules and Things to Have a Funner Life and Make a Better Liar of Yourself.” 
Here are a few examples:
#83: If a adult tells you not to worry, and you weren’t worried before, you better hurry
up and start ‘cause you’re already running late.” 
#328: When you make up your mind to do something, hurry up and do it. If you wait you might talk yourself out of what you wanted in the first place.”
Bud’s rules are personal and unique. They are things that he has noticed or discovered based on his experience.  Now it’s your turn to lay down the law. Based on your
own personal experiences, what rules can you make up? 
(Bud’s rules helped him to “be a better liar and have a funner life.” Start by telling us what your rules are for.)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Homework for Tuesday January 6th

** Complete Aleks Homework
** Finish Winter Break blog post and add a picture!
** Read and log!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tourist Videos are Ready!

Check them out here! 

Please let me know if your video is missing, if the link isn't working, or if I have the wrong video posted. Some locations are a bit off so that the map is more user friendly.

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