Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Welcome to 4B!!!

Congratulations!!! You are officially a 4th grader. This year is going to rock.

As a fourth grader, the work gets more complicated and you get more homework ... but because you are older, you will be given more freedom and independence to learn the way that works for you. But greater independence means greater personal responsibility. I expect proper academic behavior at all times, especially when working in the hall or around the school. As fourth graders, you are role models for all the younger students (and some of the older ones) in the school, so I demand positive, kind social behavior in and out of school. Lastly, I will challenge you throughout the year. If you were able to do everything I give you, then I am not doing my job. There are assignments and problems you will not be able to successfully complete or answer. Do not panic -- give it your best effort.

If you ever have questions about anything (school, homework, friends), feel free to email me at at any time.  Your emails are confidential and I would never share what you said with anyone.

Let's have an amazing year!!! Remember, there are no problems, only opportunities to find solutions.

Mr. B

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