Thursday, August 28, 2014

Biblionasium is Back!

Here is the response email from Biblionasium...

We appreciate your concern.  There was never a breach of security or any other issue.
What happened was the following:  
Our SSL Security Certificate (what encrypts and decrypts the data as it passes over the internet)  is issued by a 3rd party and has to be renewed annually.  Unfortunately due to an accounting error, the renewal did not happen automatically and the certificate expired and started sending the message that the site is not secure.  A new certificate had to be reissued and took around 24 hours to process and install.  During that time,  the website was unavailable and no data was collected.   
Additionally just to assure you, we do not collect ANY personal information from children.  A first name, one letter of a last name and a username is all that we require.  There is no where on the website that we ask for or collect any other personal information from children.  We encrypt the data that goes over the wires just as an additional security measure.   
We apologize for the alarm this caused.  We understand.  We are committed to children's privacy and security and in no way was any data compromised.  
Let the logging continue!!

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