Thursday, June 5, 2014

Directions for ABCs of 4th Grade

Students should describe 26 different aspects or details of 4th grade, one for each letter. Students may use Google Slides, Prezi, Educreations, iMovie, or any other program they want. I encourage students to be creative, but all aspects/details must be relevant to 4th grade. 

Each slide must include (examples in parentheses) :
1) Aspect/Detail by letter (E is for Earthquake Week) 
2) Brief 2-3 sentence summary of the aspect/detail (This year we spent a week learning about Earthquakes. We learned about fault lines, Pangea, and how to graph earthquakes and their magnitude.)
3) A relevant picture

Aside from those 3 requirements, I encourage students to be as creative as possible. Presentations should reflect the student's personality and include aspects/details of 4th grade that were most interesting to them.

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