Friday, June 6, 2014

Homework for 6/9

*** Complete Rory Deutsch Citizenship Essay

Field Day Teams

Billy - Red
Jamelette - Yellow
Adelle - Navy
Shimi - Light Pink
Marnie - Dark Brown
Tanan - Gold
Ryan - Black
Miranda - Purple
Nicolas - Hot Pink
Daniel - Turquoise
Ethan - Lime
Dionis - Sky Blue
Jackie - Teal
Donovan - Light Gray
Drake - Kelly Green
Itzel - Dark Green
Gabe - Orange
Estella - Royal Blue
Teddy - Burgundy

Directions for Western State Video

Each student should pick one location in the West region to highlight in their tourism commercial.

In a commercial set in front of the green screen, students should try to convince the viewer to come to their location using 3 or more unique facts about that location. Students must also select a picture to serve as the backdrop for their commercial. Commercials should be about 30 seconds long, and scripts should be memorized if possible.

Today, IT will start our end of the year "TIGERS" Countdown to help send us off to summer.
Below you will find the theme of each day and other special happenings:

Friday, June 6: "T"- Tiger Stripe Day- teachers will be handing out tiger stripes to students being safe, respectful, and responsible 
Monday, June 9: "I"- Indian Trail Spirit Day- where your tiger colors and Indian Trail gear to show school spirit 
Tuesday, June 10: "G"- Go outside day- students will have a chance to have an extra recess with their grade-level 
Wednesday, June 11: "E"- Enjoy Field Day- field day activities will start at 1pm. Students will wear their team colors. 
Thursday, June 12: "R"- Rotate to your new classroom for Step-up Day.
Early dismissal at 1:40pm 
Friday, June 13: "S"- Summer is here! Last day of school.
Early dismissal at 1:40pm

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Directions for ABCs of 4th Grade

Students should describe 26 different aspects or details of 4th grade, one for each letter. Students may use Google Slides, Prezi, Educreations, iMovie, or any other program they want. I encourage students to be creative, but all aspects/details must be relevant to 4th grade. 

Each slide must include (examples in parentheses) :
1) Aspect/Detail by letter (E is for Earthquake Week) 
2) Brief 2-3 sentence summary of the aspect/detail (This year we spent a week learning about Earthquakes. We learned about fault lines, Pangea, and how to graph earthquakes and their magnitude.)
3) A relevant picture

Aside from those 3 requirements, I encourage students to be as creative as possible. Presentations should reflect the student's personality and include aspects/details of 4th grade that were most interesting to them.

Homework for 6/6

Study for Western States quiz
Please turn in your waivers if you desire to take your chromebook home for the summer

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Homework for 6/5

*** Create a survey question (with 3-5 options for answers) to be used to survey the class and collect data to be used in line plots

Example: What is your favorite special? A) Gym B) Music C) Library D) Art

*** We will be creating a final slideshow presentation recapping fourth grade - "The ABCs of 4th Grade" - where students will pick 26 aspects of fourth grade (one for every letter). Begin brainstorming.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Homework for 6/3

*** Complete any unfinished work from Literature Circles
*** Complete Opinion Writing piece and be prepared to present!