Monday, May 19, 2014

Earthquake Week -- Day 1

1) Introductory Video: BrainPop Earthquakes (Username: northshore Password: pop) Watch as a class. 

2) Earthquake Discussion. Over the next week, we will be looking at the history of earthquakes, but before we begin, we need to define key terms.

3) Students should go to the Social Studies Folder, and open the LESSON 1 - KEY TERMS doc. Students should make a copy, and label it  (THEIR LAST NAME) KEY TERMS. For example, my doc would be called BRANDSTRADER KEY TERMS. 

4) Students should first define each term in their own words using or actual classroom dictionaries. Students may work in pairs or groups of 3, but each must have their own document.

5) Once they have finished the definitions, they should add an appropriate picture for each term  (either by creating a Google Drawing or finding an image online). This activity should take the entire class period, and I believe that many will not finish. Those that do finish may watch the additional videos below. 

Additional Videos: 
National Geographic Intro to Earthquakes
How Stuff Works: Earthquakes
PBS: Plate Tectonics (may not work without a log-in)

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