Monday, April 7, 2014

In Class Assignment - Bud Not Buddy Chapters 6-8

Please copy this questions and paste them into your blog in BOLD. Then answer the questions on your blog using complete sentences AND citing the page number where you found the answer.

1. How did Bud get breakfast when he arrived at the mission after the attendant closed
the line?

2. What does Bud say is the most serious mistake you can make in the library?

3. How did the lady in the library break Rule Number 16?

4. Where does Bud live?

5. Why does Bugs come to the library in search of Bud?

6. How did Bud and Bugs become “brothers”?

7. What was “Hooverville”?

8. How does Bugs outwit Bud when they’re going to fl ip a coin and he says, “Heads I
win, tails you lose”?

9. Why is every cardboard jungle called Hooverville?

10. Why is Bud sure he’ll remember Deza Malone?

11. What happens to Bud and Bugs’ plan to ride the rails together?

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