Friday, April 25, 2014

Homework for 4/28

*** Read and log! (I will be checking logs on Monday)
*** Write 1-3 paragraph proposal for the Independent Research Project. Questions to be answered:
1) What is your topic/idea?
2) What do you know about the topic already?
3) What do you hope to find out?
4) How are you going to find the information you need?
5) What actions will you take to complete your project? (What's your plan?)
6) What materials will you need to complete your project?
7) What obstacles do you think you might face in this project?
*** We are going to start a perspective project on Bud Not Buddy. The story is told through Bud's perspective. Bud comes across many characters, and some he does not like. But maybe Bud's opinion is wrong! Choose one character from Bud Not Buddy who you think may have been misunderstood by Bud. You will be writing an alternative version of the story from that character's perspective.

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