Thursday, April 24, 2014

Homework for 4/25

*** Complete Decimals Worksheet
*** Complete Thursday/Friday Word Sorts (if not completed in class)
*** Complete the following on your blog...
Read through the following Big Theme Questions. Choose one question that you would like to answer. This is a DEEP question….you really need to think about how the events of Bud, Not Buddy connect to life in the real world.
1. Read all of the questions
2. Pick one that you would like to answer.
3. Write a thoughtful answer, using examples from the story and real life to support your answer. You need at least two examples.  
Big Theme Questions 
1. What is family? What are the special qualities that shape a family?
2. What is home? What characteristics make a place feel like home?
3. How do people cope with loss? What are some positive ways to cope with loss?
4. Is it possible to find something that you didn’t know you had lost? If so, describe some examples from literature or real life.
5. How does it feel to discover something that’s unexpected but very valuable?
6. How is life like a journey? Why are journeys important?

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